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Flat Iron: winter time (by jaclynsovern)


Brooklyn Bridge Park | New York (by JD urban)


"i will sing, i will be passed on over now, take me down, let me sleep till we have disappeared"

uptown from greenwich village, nyc.

(Fuji X100)


By Alberto Reyes

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Nightshot(s): Jan 8th. These shots were taken at around midnight last night down at Ground Zero. Nightshot #1 is Zuccotti Park, the old home base of OWS, ablaze with a light that simmers. Nightshot #2 is the Freedom Tower as witnessed from across the West Side Highway. Freedom, though, doesn’t permit tripods. That white car slightly to the left of center delivered two of NYC’s finest to pay me a friendly interrogative visit. And this became the last shot of the night.


New Yorker. View from today’s @donnakarandkny meeting.


I am Banksy!

By Alberto Reyes


completed project. single exposure images taken with a glass prism held in front of the lens, nyc.


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Anonymous asked: you realize there more to nyc than just manhattan right? for some reason people who aren't from here think that nothing past manhattan is worth mentioning when there's a lot of places in brooklyn or queens or the bronx even better than manhattan ...

Attitude Anon, attitude. 

For some reason, people who aren’t from there catch the best shots around Manhattan. Submit me Queens/Bronx/Brooks photos if you can, I’d be happy to oblige.